This year the Saturday street jam at Abriss will not follow the concept of a classic competition. You know the deal: 3-4 spots and a glorious winner at the end of the day. That used to be the Saturday at Abriss.
This year we want to do things differently: there will be no podium and no prize money to win at Abriss 7. There will be a lot of awards given out during the week, instead. You can win at the best trick worst spot competition or the game of flat. There will be wheels for people who skate fast and maybe even a prize for the most unpunctual crew.
We do this, because we want to create an event, that is oriented towards participating, rather than sitting down to watch others skate. We do this, because after a 2-year-break, we didn’t feel like continuing as if nothing ever happened – or keeps on happening.
…and because it’s a hustle to raise prize money.

This is an experiment, and we can’t f*in wait to reunite and see how it turns out.
See you very, very soon!

Abriss 7 is supported by: EDO, Syeah!, Entente Goods, DEAD Wheels, Sola Equipment, Loco Skates, Kaltik, Hedonskate, Soma Athletics, Rockin Frames and Winterclash.

artwork: @angryspandauyouth

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